Bagpipes festival drawings

Day1 bagpipes.jpg

BLOG 2     this blog is being written on the 2nd of Sept 2018. I said in my first blog below that I would be learning on the job, the first thing that I have discovered is that your first blog goes to the bottom of the pile so to speak. To follow my blog from the beginning you have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

This is how the idea of my personal drawing challenge started, I saw the bagpiper and accordionist at the concourse leading to the pier. I love the pipes (not everybody does) and I still have my small 40 bass accordion. I was lucky enough to go to the Highland Games at Braemar one year. The Highland dancing and the tossing of the caber (sp?) were fine but what I really responded to was the pibroch competition. The pipers walk up and down as they play a lament, it reached my soul in some way.

The piper and his friend were such a good subject to draw I couldn’t resist. As I was drawing I started to wonder if I could do one drawing each day during the Festival (2018) and post it on Herne Bay Chatter. I did ask on line if any other artists wished to join me. One person responded with one drawing! Oh well there’s always next year. Needless to say the piper was a bit horrified at my rendition of the pipes. I have never drawn pipes before, I might improve next time! This was a tentative beginning.

Why do I draw 1) Because I always have from the age of ten, through school and art school 2) Because when you draw something the experience stays with you forever and becomes part of your make up, it also informs all the other drawings that you do afterwards. 3) I enjoy the action of drawing and the discipline of training yourself to really look. 4) drawing is such a useful tool, there are so many different kinds, the drawings I am challenging myself to do here are illustrations of what I see in front of me, quite small A5… but I could also work in a large way with charcoal or paint in a conceptual way. What do I mean by conceptual, it’s about an idea. How do I feel when I hear the lament of the pibroch. What do I factually know about the bagpipes, they have a sort of sack, there are drones, a chanter mouthpiece etc and I could find out more.

The kind of drawing that people tend to admire most is perceptual, if it looks like a photo all the better (Oooh you are clever)  but drawing is SO much more than that. Want to draw a table? Conceptually we know it has four legs of the same size and a round, square or circular top yet when we observe it perceptually we draw the effect of perspective ie the table has two shorter legs and the top square or rectangle appears to have diagonal sides and be smaller at the back. the circle becomes an elipse. Young children don’t bother about any of that they draw conceptually what they know, that’s why their drawings are so fresh and lively. Later on they are told that is childish and wrong but it isn’t, it depends what you want to do and say. I think it was Picasso who said it took him years to learn to draw like a child again. I meet so many people who say they can’t draw…of course you can everybody can…what you really mean is that you’ve got a perceptual hang up. More next time! Feel free to comment.

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