Reflections on my countless sketchbooks.

1 Sept 2018   My first trial post!Day 27 Aug 23 Octoflate

It’s fairly clear that I don’t know what I am doing running a blog…I hope to learn by experience (isn’t that the best way?)

This idea for a blog started in Aug 2018. We have a month long Summer Festival in Herne Bay where I live. Since I have always drawn activities in the community around me, I had the idea that I could post the drawings on to our local Herne Bay Chatter site and that I would try to do drawing a day during the whole length of the celebrations. I also invited other artists to join me. It only happened on one of the days, a pity.

I decided to limit my drawing materials to one blue water colour pencil and black Unipens. I used a Winsor and Newton A5 sketchbook with heavyweight paper ; in that way I could use the front and back of each page. I use the water colour pencil first to make the rough proportions and the composition then dive in with the black pen. It is a nerve wracking experience each time. At first I wonder if I can pull it off, about half way through I begin to relax a bit more. I usually work on the spot which means I am surrounded by people, I don’t mind that, in fact I have met a lot of lovely people that way. Because I am using a water soluble pencil I can add a bit of spit to loosen the lines and give a softer quality to the ink.

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