Children’s drawings

blogkidsbestguernicaFeeling angry because I wanted to post the wonderful conceptual drawings that pre school children can do. I had a massive collection of photos that I had made from original drawings to show my early learning students when I was doing teacher training. I threw them away when I stopped teaching thinking I would never use them again…how I regret it!

Oh easy, I thought , I’ll go to Google and type in young children’s drawings and choose some. How depressing… there are practically none the sites are full of the most banal and trite images…no wonder people give up on drawing. Young children cut to the chase as the child does above and as Picasso did below.

When I went to art school (Bath Academy of Art, Corsham) I knew I was training to be an art teacher. My father insisted that I should be able to make my living from my love of art (more of that later) In our first year children from the local primary school came in every week and we were given the responsibility for two children. We worked with them on all sorts of assigned art projects. Though we were training to teach in secondary schools our first teaching practice was in a primary school. My first school was the Box village school, you could see the entrance to the famous Box Tunnel on the GWR.

My first real teaching post was in a girls’ public school, St Margaret’s at Bushey, Herts. I had to leave when I got married! My husband and I settled in Letchworth. I was desperate for a job but the only one I could get was as a peripatetic art teacher going round nine village schools in North Herts. The idea was that it gave the head teachers a break and a chance to get on with admin and the children some experience of creativity. My experience at Corsham and in the village schools gave me a deep respect for the work that the children could produce, especially the very young children. If only we could keep that ability (which is always there hidden away) but sadly self-consciousness and societies misconception of what art is creeps in!




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