More on Litz Pisk (see below)

I came across the Obituary in the Independent for Litz and discovered all sorts of interesting things about her that I didn’t know. She was taught by the sister of Isadora Duncan. She worked with Kurt Weill and Lottie Lenya on The City of Mahagonny, and with Michael Elliot and Vanessa Redgrave plus masses more seminal people in the theatre.

Before we moved a muscle she made us find our own stillness and core . She wore a black silk leotard like top and a long black beautifully flowing skirt. She pulled the back of her skirt through her legs then up into the waistband, she would then stand perfectly still and balanced and put her right hand high in the air above her head with the palm facing inwards and draw her hand slowly and vertically down ‘Feel the stillness’ she would say, and I did and still do when I want to calm myself. I got a certificate to teach movement in schools but I have only done it a few times in college when the staff were absent!!!  After art college I kept up my love of modern dance and have seen most of the greats at Sadlers Wells, including Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham et al.

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