Early sketchbooks.

The earliest sketch book that I have dates from 1954 just after I had left art school. Strangely I appear to have no sketch books  from my art school days only drawings and a few photos. My ex. has just written a book about those days. We were art students at the same time. It was quite weird seeing his photo on the back cover. ‘Who is that old man’ said this old woman!


This in Robin (my ex) in my earliest sketchbook dated 1955.

I was trying to think of the artists that I loved then (and still do). For purity of line and just a hint of tone, I would choose Ingres (hate his paintings)

At art school there was life drawing, where I’d say we were taught to look, no half measures. I remember a lady called Margaret Lester Garland striding around with her measuring staff. The lesson to be learnt was how to be disciplined yet sensitive at the same time. BUT>>>BUT>>>BUT I was lucky enough to be studying movement under the utterly wonderful Litz Piske. Her experience was one of training actors to move, she had worked with Michel St Denis in Paris and was currently at the Old Vic. I loved movement in any form (still do in my head!). Her method was to give us a movement exercise then immediately to sit down, at a donkey, and with a reed pen  and Indian ink to draw the movement as you had felt it in your body and soul.

As I was looking for great drawings on the net this morning two sites came up The Ten Best Drawings and the Hundred Best Drawings. I found it a bit depressing as it is pretty obvious that what people still admire is technique that approaches photography or optical illusion. I was hoping to see Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Michelangelo,Kathy Kollwitz etc



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