Life Drawing.

Art school sketchbook with very faded paper. Life class nudes, concentrating on form. How very different to the lively drawings that I did with Litz Pisk. However the life drawing did give you some understanding of the structure of the body, of muscles and bones. Later life drawing disappeared from art schools but I taught the life drawing class at Christchurch College in Canterbury for several years. I used to try to make it lively by setting the model in interesting backgrounds and with unusual props. Lots of short poses too. I made some money as a model in art school. The BBC made a film about us for Monitor a leading arts programme. In one shot you can see my hips as I move weight from one side to another. My moment of fame. I also worked in the college kitchens on Sundays with a lovely lady called Mrs. Dennis. She used to mother me a bit which I needed at that time.DrawingartsnudedrawingASfriontnude2Movement drawing.

Aldermaston March. 60 years ago now. I find it difficult to believe, time flies so quickly. Note concentration on feet (they were sore)drawingCND3DrawingCND2

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