A few years ago I decided to make a painting of my earliest experience of the five senses,  later I wrote about it. All these small beginnings help to form who we are. I’ve written about the positive ones but there were a few negative ones as well, hearing my parents argue and feeling helpless about it. Ironically they also made beautiful music together, he on the violin and she on the piano. The trials of the war separated them. Because he had been a volunteer fireman before the war he was called up into the National Fire Service, he went to fight fires in Coventry and Bristol. She worked in the Civil Service in the government Ordnance Depot, she was extremely good at her job and quickly rose in the ranks taking the exams to become an EO Executive Officer. Their lives were moving in different directions and they finally split when I was sixteen. Women were given opportunities which they wouldn’t easily relinquish.Drawingbeginnings

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