Odds and ends.


Every week for half a day in the first year we had to present ourselves in the let

tering studio near the main gates of the Court. The studio was pin neat with rows of polished desks. The tutor was Andrew Wilson, a rather severe unsmiling man who looked as though he would rather be somewhere else. His task was to change our hand writing to that of Marian Richardson, the arts educator. Her method was to make patterns from lower case letters. The theory was that children love to make pattern and they would be learning to write well hardly knowing they were doing so. I found it very enjoyable and by the end of term we all had beautiful hand writing. Years afterwards I could always tell from the envelope if it was one of my Corsham friends. Throughout my life I have been complimented on my hand writing and it broke my heart when (a few years ago) I had a TIA and it was my writing that suffered the most damage. I have more difficulty forming the letters and I am slow.


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