Greetings…still going strong.

It’s always been my view that if you have any sort of gift for anything at all you should give it to your friends. If you’re a good baker bake them a cake, if you’re a good gardener grow some veg or flowers for them or even better offer to help them in the garden. I have a granddaughter who is very good at it. One year we all got some soap that she had made another year bottles of limoncello. Great grandchildren made paintings and put them in a frame. I make special cards. I try to think of the person and what they like or something special about them and the I design the card. I must admit that life has got easier since the advent of Photoshop and printers. Before they appeared on the scene I did every by hand. It’s coming up to Christmas, every year at this time I think I am never going to be able to think of something but I have managed it up to now. If it is a very special anniversary, like a Golden Wedding I make a bigger effort.nov9elizpincushion


The front and back of a pin cushion that I made for Elizabeth and David on their Golden wedding.

This one below was just an ordinary birthday card I made for Elizabeth. She always makes marmalade and gives it away as presents. So I tried to echo what she does so well.




Whoops…got the spelling wrong, and I’ve only just noticed it…Jess used to run the Seven Tors Race, on Dartmoor, quite a challenge, the terrain isn’t easy and the weather can be bad.


Pat loves the Beatles and especially John Lennon.


Stewart is Cornish and very proud of it. He would like to see a frontier post on the Tamar. His family were yeoman farmers and he has mapped all their farms and studied the history of his Cornish ancestors.


Mel loves Mrs. Brown !!! ( I know) and cups of tea.


Harry, grandson. loved parcour.


Alison (daughter in law) loves acting, and she is very good at it.

I have done so many over the years and it has given me great pleasure and lots of burning of midnight oil, especially when I was working.

I’ve done nearly sixty years of making Christmas cards. All of us an art school made special hand made ones, over the years gradually they have dropped off and begun to send first commercial bought cards or nowadays none at all. Of course I am at that age where many of them have died.

Christmas cards through the years.

In the early days my usual method was lino cutting and hand printing. Every available space was full of drying Christmas cards, especially the stairs and there are a lot in my house, it was quite hard work but I enjoyed it.

nov9cardhoodenbest                                    Kentish hooden Horse…lino cut.


Two more hand printed lino cuts. Bauble and Crackers.


Lino. Grouse and Angel


Once I had a computer and scanner I could make drawings and paintings and easily duplicate them. This is my room at Christmas. I drew it one Christmas and used it as my card the next year.



Photoshop plus painting additions open a whole new dimension



I made this one last year…a bit different this time. I made a 3D model theatre and photographed it. Every year for the last thirty years I made a much larger card for my Quaker Meeting, it was used as a collective card. In stead of sending each other individual cards we signed our greetings on the big one and sent half the money to help support Quaker Open Christmas in London and the other half to help the shelter in Canterbury. I have often sold the big card at the end and given that money to the fund too. I think most people will stop sending cards mainly because of the huge cost of postage. A shame I just feel that it really is Christmas when I Blu Tak them to my wall and surround them with lights.


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